Changes to COVID-19 Policies

September 7, 2021 Update – Masks Recommended Indoors for All Employees

The Delta variant of COVID-19 is causing increased case and transmission rates across the country. The Delta variant is predominant in our state and is more infectious and more transmissible than earlier strains. The COVID-19 vaccination is the best personal protection against the virus, including the Delta variant. It is highly effective at preventing hospitalization and death.

However, vaccinated people can still pass the virus to those unable to be vaccinated. In particular, children and immunocompromised individuals are at significant risk of contracting the variant and experiencing severe symptoms.

For these reasons, Bath Iron Works is taking the following layered approach to protecting all employees, their families and the community.

Indoor Mask Recommendation

Wearing masks indoors reduces the spread of the virus and protects the children and family members of employees and the communities supporting BIW. Given this, the following policies are effective immediately:

  • Masks are recommended to be worn indoors, regardless of vaccination status. This includes wearing masks at workstations indoors even when workstations are 6 feet apart or in cubicles.
    • “Indoors” is defined as any structure with three or more walls or enclosed equipment or vehicles.
    • Masks will be provided at gates, tool cribs and admin areas.
  • Exceptions to this recommendation may be appropriate in the following situations:
    • When alone in a space with floor to ceiling walls and a closed door, or operating a piece of equipment or vehicle alone.
    • When eating or drinking.
  • Physical distancing of 6 feet or more should be maintained where practical.

Masks will be available at all gates beginning September 8, 2021. These recommendations will apply to visitors and contractors.

Vaccines Available

All employees are highly encouraged to get vaccinated to protect themselves. Free vaccines are available through Fit for Life and at local vaccine clinics.

  • To schedule a vaccine at your BIW worksite on your shift through Fit for Life, contact them at 207-442-3145.

June 9, 2021 Update – COVID-19 Civil Emergency Order Ends

As a result of increased vaccination rates among employees, reduced COVID-19 cases, and Gov. Mills ending the COVID-19 civil emergency order at the end of June, a number of BIW policies concerning COVID-19 will change after Friday, June 25:

  • The company will no longer be doing contact tracing. When an employee notifies the company that they have tested positive for COVID-19, that information will be shared with the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention, which may do its own contact tracing.
  • The Occupational Health Monitoring Program will end. Those currently enrolled in the program will complete their monitoring period but no new employees will be enrolled after June 25.
  • The on-site rapid testing that has been provided in conjunction with the program will also end after June 25.
  • The coronavirus case map will no longer appear on and the company will no longer make a company-wide announcement when positive cases are reported.
  • The temporary offices where employees checked in when returning to work after being exposed to COVID-19 have been removed. Those returning to work following an exposure to COVID-19 will now check in with the BIW Medical Department.
  • Anyone who is ill or experiencing ANY symptoms that could be associated with COVID-19 should go home or stay home until they contact their provider/urgent care for further recommendations. For information on symptoms, go here.

The Coronavirus Hotline will remain active through July 9 to answer questions about COVID-19 or coronavirus policy changes. After that date, medical, labor relations or benefits questions should be directed to the appropriate department as they were prior to the pandemic.

Beginning in July and continuing through August, we will also be returning all employees that are working from home or on leaves of absence associated with COVID-19. We will be issuing specific communications with more detailed information directly to these employees in the near future.