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This section covers what happens when an employee tests positive and returning to work after exposure.

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What happens when a BIW Employee tests positive for COVID-19?

Employees who are tested and confirmed positive for COVID-19 are identified in three ways: by the affected employee informing BIW independently, by Maine CDC or by the affected employee’s primary care provider. BIW follows all Maine privacy laws and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) requirements to protect the identity of the affected employee. When a positive case is identified, we will issue a targeted notification to close workplace contacts, the larger proximate community, and the entire employee body (in that order) to protect the safety and well-being of every BIW employee to the best of our ability, based on CDC recommendations.

For employees who need to submit documentation of doctor’s orders or test results to the BIW Medical Department, please email

What are the next steps taken by BIW?

When an affected employee notifies BIW that they are sick we will immediately connect them with all available resources including information here on our Coronavirus Information Center. We will also:

  1. Ask the employee to grant us permission to discuss their exposure with a select group of BIW management who will prioritize the protection of their privacy while they work to secure and notify any affected employees or facilities.
  2. Ask the employee to provide as much information as possible in order to develop an appropriate cleaning and disinfection plan per CDC guidelines and contact any employees who may have been close to the affected employee or part of the larger proximate community.
  3. In order to protect the affected employee’s privacy to the fullest extent possible, we will only communicate details about the affected employee’s most recent locations while at work and the last day they were at work. No other information about the employee will be shared.
  4. If the affected employee decides not to provide permission, decisions will be made based exclusively on available information and a contact investigation may not be possible.

How will close workplace contacts be notified?

If we have gained the necessary permission to disclose the affected employee’s identity, we will communicate through our Supervisors to notify employees. If eligible, they will be entered into the Occupational Health Monitoring Program. Click here for details on this program. Support is available through the BIW Medical Department Nurse Triage Line at 207-442-4296 for questions that can’t be answered through primary care providers.

How will the larger proximate community be notified?

As with our close workplace contacts, we will communicate through our Supervisors to notify employees using messaging based on the environment and volume of potentially affected community members. In accordance with GDBIW “Responding to Employees with Symptoms Consistent with COVID-19” section 6.1.9, issued 3/27/20, BIW will conduct additional cleaning per CDC recommendations. In addition to recommended practices for hygiene, distancing and preventive precautions, employees should monitor themselves for the onset of symptoms which include fever, cough or difficulty breathing. If any of these symptoms occur, the employee should stay home and contact the BIW Medical Department Nurse Triage Line at 207-442-4296 or through the COVID-19 Hotline at 207-442-5999 option 1.

How will the entire BIW Workforce be notified?

When a positive COVID-19 case and the necessary details have been verified, a message will be sent to the entire BIW community letting them know a case has been confirmed. This notice will be sent by email to employees and will also be available on the website. No specific details that would compromise the privacy of the affected employee(s) will be shared.

How will public inquiries about affected employees be answered?

Due to Maine privacy laws, BIW does not disclose information about our employees or operations to the public. All general information about our response to COVID-19 will be publicly available on

All inquiries from the press or public should be directed to the BIW Communications Department:

If you have contracted COVID-19 and are sick

We understand that this may be a stressful time for you and are here to help. Please call your primary care provider to discuss your symptoms or potential contacts with other sick individuals and remain at home in isolation to get well. Follow the guidance of your primary care provider who is most familiar with your individual health concerns and can care for you best. BIW Medical staff will work with you to determine the date you can return to work.

  • After you have spoken with your provider, please call the BIW Medical Department Nurse Triage Line at 207-442-4296 between the hours of 6:30 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday to discuss your case. (Weekend callers should call the BIW Coronavirus Hotline at 207-442-5999 and select Option 5 to leave a message. A Medical Department colleague will respond to you on Monday.
  • For questions regarding absence management, please call the Coronavirus Hotline at 207-442-5999 and select Option 4. You will still need to report your absence through your applicable Absence Call-in Center.
  • To understand the benefits available to you while you are away from work, call the Coronavirus Hotline at 207-442-5999 and select option 4 or the BIW Benefits Department at 207-442-2527.
  • If you have been contacted by BIW and identified as a close workplace contact of the affected employee, up to five business days away from work will be paid by BIW to meet your elimination period for Accident and Sickness benefits.
  • In order to protect the safety of all employees, your BIW issued badge will be temporarily deactivated until you have been cleared by BIW Medical staff to return to work.

If you have been exposed to COVID-19 but are fully vaccinated

Click here to learn about contact tracing for fully vaccinated personnel.

How do I return to work if I have had COVID-19 or been asked to self-monitor at home?

When you have reached day 14 of your self-monitoring period or if you have had symptoms and they have resolved and you are now symptom-free, or your primary care provider has indicated you can return to work, call the Nurse Triage Line at 207-442-4296. (If day 14 occurs on the weekend, call the Friday before.)

BIW Medical staff supporting the Nurse Triage Line will pre-clear you and provide permission to return to work the following business day. Instructions for the day you return to work will be provided, which include the process for reactivating your BIW issued employee badge and visiting BIW Medical.

Resources to help you:

BIW Coronavirus Hotline: 207-442-5999
BIW Nurse Triage Line: 207-442-4296

If you have questions regarding your benefits while you are out of work,  please call 207-442-2527 or email

BIW Absence Call In-Center

LS6:  1-800-243-9747 or 207-442-1444
LS7:  1-866-805-3665 or 207-442-3456
BMDA:  1-866-805-3665 or 207-442-4890
IGA:  Call in to your Supervisor
Salaried Employees:  Call in to your Supervisor
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