Additional Workforce Management Terminals

5 Skids FLS Office North Entrance
5 Skids FLS Office South Entrance
AB Column 39 E
AB Near North Entrance
Alum Shop Lunchroom
Alum Shop South End
Boiler Shop Ground Level Near NDT Entrance
Carpenter Shop Between Entrance and Midsection
Cways Bldg Lunchroom Near Entrance
Facilities Building Hallway Outside Carpenter Area
H521 CPO Mess
H521 Crews Mess
H521 Starboard Hanger
H604 118 Cross Passage
H604 Galley
H604 Rapid Response
Label Plates Trade Training
MSC Lunchroom North Wall West
MSC Lunchroom North Wall East
OST 1 6th Level Pipe Shop
OST 1 6th Level Tin Shop
OST 2 Level 3 South of Bathroom
OST 3 Level 4 Lunchroom Far Wall
OST2 6Th Lvl P10 Trade Space
Pier 2 Lunchroom
Pier 2 North or East Wall
PO2 2nd Level Mezz 14 Column
PO2 Ground Floor Outside Men’s Room
Tin Shop Ground Level
Trailer # 4 on the Back Side of OST 1B
Trailer #3 on the Back Side of OST 1A