Telecommunication Tools

In the spirit of social distancing, BIW reminds all employees who primarily work at a computer to utilize telecommunication tools available to them. This technology avoids face-to-face interactions whenever feasible. All computer users have Microsoft Skype available to them. Skype allows users to chat and even “present” (share) their screen with other users on the BIW network. Adobe Connect is a viable option for sharing content (nearly any files you have opened) with people outside BIW’s network. Please note that a BIW user is required to approve each participant in Adobe Connect sessions to adhere with security requirements.

You may participate in externally hosted meetings (e.g. Zoom, Webex) but you may not present or share from your BIW computer on these externally hosted meetings. BIW policy regarding web conferencing is covered in SP09-12 Information Technology Internet Security Section 4 Web Conferencing, found in the Information Systems section on the Intranet under Detailed Procedures – BIW Std Procedures.

E-mail is a tool best suited for less time-critical messages; distributing one message to multiple people; sending attachments; or sending information as a matter of record. A simple phone call can often be the quickest way to get ahold of your co-workers. The BIW Phone Book is accessible from the BIW intranet homepage. Many conference rooms have conference call-in numbers and access codes noted right on the room’s speaker phone. Use these phones to supplement or replace in-person meetings. During these difficult times, please use any available tool to do your part in practicing social distancing, good hygiene, and symptom awareness.

Additional information about Adobe Connect can be found on the Intranet under the green Help Desk section on the homepage.