Visitors & Vendors

With the coronavirus spreading throughout the world, BIW has implemented a policy that restricts Visitor and vendor access to our facilities.


Currently all non-essential visits to the shipyard are prohibited.

Vendors and subcontractors

BIW vendors or subcontractors, who are from or have recently worked outside the state of Maine, are all working under the Critical Infrastructure exemption as described in Governor Mills EO 19 FY19/20. Each vendor or subcontractor, activity/work scope will need to be reviewed by BIW to develop mitigation plans to ensure the safe completion of work for both the vendor employees and BIW’s employees. Mitigation plans will be developed by the functional organization, COVID-19 Task Force and procurement to document the execution of the work that ensures, to the greatest extent possible, the safety of all individuals involved.

While we regret the need to implement this policy, we believe that it is consistent with our responsibilities to our community and to our employees, whose protection at this time is of utmost importance.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation at this challenging time.

To view a sample of the Visitor Access Screening Form, click here.

Additional Safe Practices for Out-of-State Vendors Temporarily Doing Production Work

BIW is committed to continuing its support for the U.S. Navy and contributing to the nation’s defense while maintaining the health and safety of dedicated workers in the shipyard.

To ensure the safety of everyone entering BIW’s facility, we are taking specific actions with all contractors regarding COVID-19. Working closely with the Maine CDC, the following measures are being implemented:

  • All contracted employees must test negative for COVID-19 before being allowed to enter BIW facilities and the companies they work for must certify that each of their employees tested negative within the 72 hours before arriving.
  • BIW performs random audits to select and verify that provided test results are accurate.
  • Employees are required to answer screening questions and be temperature-tested each day for the first 14 days after they arrive.
  • All contractors are subject to follow-up COVID-19 testing if they start at BIW before the end of their 14 day incubation period.

By continuing to care for others and adhere to work requirements already adopted during our response to COVID-19, BIW will be able to move forward in our essential work and be safe while we do it.