Do You Need a Title to Lead?

[Post by Chuck Krugh, March 20, 2023] This will be a relatively short blog because I want you to take some time to think about it – consider it food for thought. Do you really need a title to lead?  Is the title something magical that makes you a leader? If you got a new Read More >

The Dashboard Relationship

[Post by Chuck Krugh, March 14, 2023] Once upon a time, as a young senior manager in another business, I started my journey using dashboards. I was introduced to the idea during one of my MBA classes and was intrigued by how well it conveyed information. Also, I liked the idea of having a dashboard Read More >

Dashboards – A Management Tool

[Post by Chuck Krugh, March 3, 2023] Viz-boards are a wonderful visual tool; they easily communicate our current performance to you, me, an area or the company as a whole. They are designed so any person can look at the information displayed and see at a glance the status of our Safety, Quality, Schedule, Cost Read More >

Dashboards – The Visual Pulse of Our Company

[Post by Chuck Krugh, February 24, 2023] In the last blog, I talked about the use of balanced scorecards and how they are developed from our strategy. Balanced scorecards help us gain a high-level understanding of how we measure our company’s progress toward our goals in terms of a numeric value. And – like the Read More >

Balanced Scorecard

[Post by Chuck Krugh, February 21, 2023] After laying out the basics of the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Business Operating System (BOS), we have spent the past few weeks adding more depth to the actions and systems for each quadrant. In particular, we have focused on cascading these actions down through each level of the company. We Read More >

Meeting Organization

[Post by Chuck Krugh, February 13, 2023] Meetings are one of the best tools for managing a company – as well as one of the worst tools. Meetings generally get a bad rap because of the perception, which can also be reality, that there are too many meetings, meetings are not managed well and/or a Read More >

Cascading Communications

[Post by Chuck Krugh, February 6, 2023] I went back and reread my last blog about Cascading – A Method to Communicate Targets and Progress and wanted to further expand on the communication side of the Business Operating System (BOS). In the last blog, I concentrated on the “translation” aspect of the company goals. I Read More >

Cascading – A Method to Communicate Targets and Progress

[Post by Chuck Krugh, January 27, 2023] One area that I haven’t yet discussed in depth is the cascading nature of the Business Operating System (BOS). One of the strengths of the system is that information moves, or cascades, both down and up in the company, depicted by the blue arched arrows in the model. Read More >

Let’s Solve the Problem

[Post by Chuck Krugh, January 20, 2023] One of the things that you’re likely learning about me is that I don’t waste time. I like to be efficient. I’m probably not alone in thinking this way. I like to be organized and structured as I approach my work. I especially like to make sure that Read More >

Problem Solving – Root Cause and Corrective Actions (RCCA)

[Post by Chuck Krugh, January 13, 2023] A critical component of our Business Operating System (BOS) is problem solving – finding the Root Cause and taking the necessary Corrective Actions to keep the problem from happening again. Practically speaking, it is a process that is used more often than you realize. You use it in Read More >