Memorial Day 2024

[Post by Chuck Krugh, May 24, 2024] I don’t know where the first part of the year went. It has just seemed to fly by. You might feel that way, too. And now we find ourselves at Memorial Day 2024. Like last year, I want to take a few minutes to remember how important this Read More >

Tools, Fixtures and Jigs – What?

[Post by Chuck Krugh, May 21, 2024] I know it’s been a while since I wrote a blog, but I needed a little break from all the writing. I also was having a hard time coming up with new topics to discuss. After all, I wrote a lot of them – and I never even Read More >

Work Smarter, Not Harder

[Post by Chuck Krugh, January 22, 2024] When I was younger, I only knew one way to work and that was hard. As I have matured in my career, I don’t mind working hard, but I prefer to find ways to work smarter. As with everything, a Google search of Work smarter, not harder reveals Read More >

Stress in the Job

[Post by Chuck Krugh, January 12, 2024] Every job has stress! I don’t care what level you are in the company or where you work, there is always some level of stress that comes with any job. While the job itself can produce stress, other factors can also contribute to feeling stressed at work. These Read More >

Respect and Belonging at BIW

[Post by Chuck Krugh, December 18, 2023] During the first week of December, I met with my entire leadership team to talk about Respect in the Workplace and Belonging at BIW. It took eight meetings to meet face-to-face with every supervisor, manager and director. However, doing this was important because it gave me an opportunity Read More >

Working with Your Hands

[Post by Chuck Krugh, December 1, 2023] As far back as I can remember, I’ve been working with my hands. Some of my earliest memories are of taking apart Hot Wheels cars just to see inside after one of the wheels or doors broke off. Since it was already broken and I couldn’t race it, Read More >

We Did It…

[Post by Chuck Krugh, November 17, 2023] What takes 7,560 hamburgers, 6,960 hot dogs, 175 veggie burgers, 68 bottles of ketchup, 30 bottles of mustard, 30 bottles of relish and a whole lot of grill time? Feeding our team at BIW! We finished on October 20 at our Read Street Warehouse in Portland with the Read More >

Veterans Day 2023

[Post by Chuck Krugh, November 10, 2023] Today, on the Marine Corps birthday, we at BIW are celebrating Veterans Day for all of our veterans employed by our company. We have almost 1,000 veterans employed here, people who have served in all the branches of the Armed Forces. Men and women who have answered the Read More >

Days I Won’t Forget…

[Post by Chuck Krugh, November 3, 2023] Over the years, I have experienced numerous events that are etched into my mind, ones that I won’t ever forget. The events surrounding the mass shooting Wednesday, Oct. 25 in Lewiston is one of them. While I don’t live in the Lewiston area like so many of our Read More >

Another Powerful Word: Consistency

[Post by Chuck Krugh, October 20, 2023] There are a lot of important words in business. I described one of those words – planning – in the blog A Powerful Word. I make the case for “planning” as a powerful word because you have to really think about what you want to accomplish in order Read More >