Can-Do Attitude

[Post by Chuck Krugh, September 28, 2022] The only thing more powerful than a person with a can-do attitude is a team with a can-do attitude. People with a can-do attitude tend to be more positive, see solutions where others don’t, solve problems faster, don’t get upset when faced with an obstacle but instead view Read More >

Leading and Following

[Post by Chuck Krugh, September 23, 2022] Most of the time when scholars and experts discuss leadership, they focus on the development of leaders and how leaders interact with the people they are leading. However, all leaders have “bosses.” Some bosses can be front-line supervisors; others are managers, directors, vice presidents, presidents, CEOs or customers. Read More >

Effective Leaders Influence Others

[Post by Chuck Krugh, September 16, 2022] Effective leaders influence people to do things that you need done—the key word is influencing! How do effective leaders influence others? People are influenced by leaders who show passion for what their team does. Our mission is building ships for the Navy—ships that defend our country. Every leader Read More >

Effective Leadership

[Post by Chuck Krugh, September 9, 2022] Two weeks ago, I wrote that there are three things that make a company stand apart from its competition and in the eyes of its customer: leadership, process discipline and can-do attitude. I would like to explore what these are and what they mean for our efforts here Read More >

Happy Labor Day

[Post by Chuck Krugh, September 2, 2022] Next Monday is Labor Day, and I want everyone to enjoy time off this long weekend with family and friends. Next Monday also marks three months since I started here at Bath Iron Works. It has been an amazing experience so far, not only in terms of working Read More >

Standing Apart

[Post by Chuck Krugh, August 26, 2022] What makes a company stand apart not only from the competition but also in the eyes of their customer? I believe three qualities play key roles in making a company stand apart: leadership, process discipline and can-do attitude. I want to spend some time over the next several Read More >

Our Reputation Is On the Line

[Post by Chuck Krugh, August 22, 2022] As a leader, I hate reading or hearing about my team in a negative light. I especially don’t like to see it in the press. But last weekend, a podcast that analyzes the shipbuilding industry discussed the state of naval shipbuilding and took a look at our competitors Read More >

Have Integrity

[Post by Chuck Krugh, August 5, 2022] “Have Integrity” is the fourth of five expectations I detailed in our town hall meetings during my first week at BIW. As some of you have noted, during the all hands meetings it was the first item on my list. I changed the order when I was challenged Read More >

Meet Your Schedule Commitments

[Post by Chuck Krugh, July 29, 2022] This week, I would like to discuss what I mean by “Meet your schedule commitments.” This is the third blog where I’m diving a little more deeply into the expectations I laid out in our all-hands meetings during my first week at BIW. The first two expectations were Read More >