Flags Over BIW

[Post by Chuck Krugh, July 10, 2023] As a patriotic American, I really enjoy seeing our American flag flying proudly. I like seeing it everywhere. At my home in St. Louis, I fly the American flag 365 days a year (and yes, it is lit up at night). In fact, when my house there was Read More >

USS Carl M. Levin (DDG 120) Commissioning

[Post by Chuck Krugh, July 3, 2023] I had the opportunity to attend USS Carl M. Levin (DDG 120) commissioning events on Friday and Saturday (June 23 – 24) in Baltimore. I was proud to be there, representing our shipbuilders on the day our Bath-built ship was accepted into the U.S. Navy fleet. The ship Read More >

Get the Facts

[Post by Chuck Krugh, June 23, 2023] Once upon a time in my early career, probably before I could call it a career, I sometimes operated on the assumption that I knew what was going on in my job, department or company based on what I heard. You know what happens when you assume… Of Read More >

We Want to Hear from You!

[Post by Chuck Krugh, June 16, 2023] Are you sure??? Of course, I’m sure that we want to hear from you. Talking with you and listening to what you have to say is extremely important to me. After all, listening to you helped me create Strategy 2023, our guide for our activities this year. This Read More >

All-Hands Meetings

[Post by Chuck Krugh, June 10, 2023] It was great to see everyone over the past week at the All-Hands meetings. It took 32 meetings to cover our entire company. It’s important to have these opportunities to get together where I can give you the status on our company in person, face-to-face.  It certainly was Read More >

How Will I Know?

[Post by Chuck Krugh, June 2, 2023] I like to use some of these blogs to address the questions that I’m asked when I’m out on the deckplates. Writing about them here provides everyone with the same information, which is important. A popular question is, “How will I know we are doing better?” On the Read More >

Memorial Day

[Post by Chuck Krugh, May 25, 2023] As we approach the first big holiday of the summer season, Memorial Day, I wanted to take a few minutes to remember the importance of this occasion. Memorial Day is the day that we remember those men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our Read More >

Time Is Seductive

[Post by Chuck Krugh, May 19, 2023] When I get asked, “What was the biggest adjustment moving from aviation to shipbuilding?” my answer always involves time. The difference in cycle time duration between the two industries seems vastly different. The difference lies in the cycle time of the build – airplanes are short cycle and Read More >

It Doesn’t Cost Anything…

[Post by Chuck Krugh, May 15, 2023] I wanted to take a break from the blog themes on leadership, pride in your work and commitment and write about a topic that a BIW worker sent me a note about a several weeks ago. The person suggested that I write a blog about Shipyard Etiquette, and Read More >

Honoring Our Team

[Post by Chuck Krugh, May 5, 2023] This year we restarted the Service Recognition program for BIW. It is important that we recognize our team’s dedication and commitment to our company. If it wasn’t for the work that each of you does every day, our company wouldn’t produce the high-quality ships that our Navy needs Read More >