Health & Safety

At Bath Iron Works, we value the safety and health of all of our employees. For this reason, we have made it our goal that every employee leaves the shipyard each day in the same condition that they arrived.

In order to eliminate workplace hazards, BIW complies with all health and safety laws, regulations and other commitments. We also take an active role in safety and health by educating and involving our employees, monitoring our performance and always seeking opportunities to improve.

Ergonomics at Bath Iron Works

Ergonomics (the science of designing the workplace to fit the worker) is an important aspect of BIW’s EHS program. Addressing ergonomic risk factors in a shipyard is a complex and challenging task. BIW is proactively addressing ergonomic issues by integrating the ergonomics program into our EHS Management System and engaging the workforce through a Joint Union-Management Ergonomics Committee.

Some of the Ergonomic Committee initiatives include:

  • Vibratory Tools – Shipbuilding requires a high use of vibratory tools. By implementing tools that vibrate less, perform better and are repaired to manufacturer specifications, we are reducing the risk of injury and improving the workplace conditions.
  • Training – Employee awareness and skill training focuses on the recognition and identification of ergonomics risks and solutions to mitigate the risks.
  • Communication – Frequent and regular communication is critical to engaging the workplace. Several forms of communication are used including: quarterly meetings with senior leadership and management, ergonomic talks issued to all employees of the shipyard, bulletins and posters.