Impact on Maine’s Economy


Our Mission

Design, build and support the highest-quality surface combatants for the United States.


General Dynamics Bath Iron Works (BIW) has long had a reputation as the largest manufacturer in our state, and we thought it was important to not only back that reputation up, but to determine what BIW’s presence in Maine means for the state and its people.

In 2021, BIW arranged for an independent analysis, structured around a five-year lookback, to assess our overall economic contribution to the state of Maine and how BIW is helping the state address its significant workforce challenges.

BIW’s investments in our people and in Maine vendors as well as our recruiting and training efforts have clearly made a significant, positive impact across Maine.

This report is the start of ongoing analysis that, over time, will grow to create a fuller picture of the role that BIW, and specifically our employees, our retirees, our network of workforce development partners, and our suppliers—supported by our parent company General Dynamics—play in moving Maine forward.


Click here to download BIW’s full Economic Impact Report.

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What BIW Means for Maine

We are a valued community partner for the Mid Coast region and the state as a whole.


  • We employ people from every county, strengthening communities, creating jobs and boosting local economies.
  • We are the largest employer in Bath and one of the top three employers in Brunswick.
  • We are a major economic engine for Maine and a key driver of the state’s production sector.
  • Our product is in high demand.
  • We are actively creating opportunities for Mainers through our job training, hiring, and use of Maine-based vendors.
  • We supported local businesses during the pandemic included buying lunches for all our employees to support local restaurants.
  • We are currently investing millions of dollars in facility upgrades, including a new Kitting Terminal, Pier Support Center, Security offices and Main Gate entrance. These projects use primarily local contractors.

The Future Is Bright


Our Vision

An exceptional maritime company that safely provides shipbuilding, component manufacturing and specialized services with a world-class team and facilities.


To achieve this, we are actively working to:

  • Expand understanding about the important role BIW plays in providing ships for our national defense and the impact of that work on Maine’s economy.
  • Raise the profile of the varied career opportunities shipbuilding offers in the trades and STEM fields by implementing career discovery programming for Maine high school students and expanded skilled trades training, including additional outreach to non-traditional populations.
  • Leverage BIW’s hiring needs to attract new residents and new talent by helping promote living in Maine, including its proximity to Portland and Boston, and targeting the military and veteran community, engineering degree programs in regional institutions of higher education, and areas of the U.S. where residents have complementary skill sets in the trades.
  • Identify opportunities for expansion by promoting workforce development, asset maintenance and infrastructure development by identifying opportunities to collaborate with the shipbuilding industry and Maine businesses on addressing support for workforce housing, childcare, and transportation through direct investment, tax credits and other incentives.
  • Support and develop existing and future in-state vendors by offering technical assistance and training.