BIW Apprentice School

The BIW Apprentice School offers an educational and career opportunity unlike any other, and is often referred to by the Department of Education as a $250,000 scholarship. We offer high quality, comprehensive apprenticeship opportunities for highly motivated students interested in shipbuilding careers. Since 1950, the BIW Apprentice School has produced over 1,200 graduates in support of the operational needs of Bath Iron Works. Every day, our apprentices push new boundaries of achievement and explore new opportunities in a complex and challenging workplace. BIW Apprentices earn while they learn, and gain the pride that comes with building ships for the United States Navy.

The program combines both academic and on-the-job training that, upon completion, provides an Associate of Science degree, that could also lead to a full bachelor’s or master’s degree. In addition to a college education, BIW Apprentices will also receive a Certificate of Apprenticeship from the State of Maine and a diploma signifying graduation from the prestigious BIW Apprentice School.

The School offers programs in shipbuilding trades, marine design, and production planning. These programs are offered on a competitive basis to apprentices who desire additional education and meet established performance standards in required academic and trade-related work.


The BIW Apprentice School offers apprentices an opportunity to earn a college degree, receive competitive pay and benefits, while entering an occupational community. The School is committed to fostering leadership development through academics and craft training.


  1. To contribute to the profitability and growth of BIW by recruiting, training and developing men and women for careers in shipbuilding.
  2. To provide the company with a continuous supply of journeypersons who possess the skills, knowledge, and pride of workmanship which have traditionally distinguished the shipbuilding craftsman.
  3. To develop core leadership principles in all students along with the character and technical competence that is required to fully meet the challenges of a shipbuilding career.

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