Apprentice Stories

Sarah Lilly

Outside Machinist Apprentice

My BIW story began in May of 2019, where I was accepted as an entry level Outside Machinist. However, I truly had my eye on the BIW Apprentice School days into New Employee Orientation. I heard about their apprenticeships through word of mouth and before I knew it, I was clicking on the Apprentice posting on the BIW Career page. I’ve only been in the program for a year, but it’s clearly opened a new and promising chapter in my life.

I recently earned a college degree in education while working as a commercial fisherman in Alaska, yet it wasn’t until I got married and moved permanently to Maine that I saw the immense opportunity the apprenticeship provides. Prior to coming, I had so little experience with industrial production and shipbuilding. Being in The Apprentice School has made me realize how work and education come together. It all makes sense and has purpose. It has primed me for the commitment I need to be successful.

The program is fully committed to delivering a successful career. It’s not simply a degree. It’s an amazing work experience too. Essentially, I’m growing my career.