SafeZone Ally Program

The SafeZone Ally Program provides additional resources for BIW employees who may be struggling with issues related to inclusion and belonging. SafeZone Allies are volunteers and trained members of our BIW community and are located throughout the yard and some off-sites.  Allies are not a mechanism for filing an official complaint, but are there to help provide a safe place to talk, offer advice, or refer you to another person who is better equipped to help address your issue.

The SafeZone Ally Program is open to all employees.  All our employees should feel taken care of and that requires an environment where we each feel emotionally and physically safe. We believe that BIW is a great place to work and we truly want every shipbuilder to feel that way when they enter the gates and doors at all BIW facilities. This program will help employees feel like they belong here and are supported as they Safely Execute High Quality Work.

Reach out to a SafeZone Ally:

SafeZone Allies

Look for the SafeZone Ally Sign (below) near the office or cubicle.

We will be looking to increase our number of volunteers to cover all locations and all shifts as we move forward this year.