Applying to The BIW Apprentice School

How to Apply

Meet the Requirements

To be considered for the BIW Apprentice School, applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age at the time of hire
  • Have a high school education or equivalent (GED) at the time of hire
  • Demonstrate college readiness in reading, writing and mathematics. College readiness is currently measured through the ACCUPLACER test administered through most community colleges.  Information regarding the test is explained below.
  • Be able to meet the physical requirements of the job (e.g. able to use hand tools, pneumatic tools and able to wear a respirator)
  • Have competence with common PC-based software (Microsoft Office products, internet browser, etc.)
  • Have access to a computer, internet and common software outside of work for completing course assignments

Apply Online

Applicants must submit an application online.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Search Jobs
  3. Click in the “Start your search here” box
  4. Type “Apprentice” in the box and click Search
  5. If available, click on the job posting for the specific trade you want to apprentice in (i.e. Apprentice-Carpenter or Apprentice-Planning Technician) and complete the application process

What is needed for an application to be considered? 

IMPORTANT: You must take the ACCUPLACER test and send a copy of your results to:

A description of the ACCUPLACER test is below.


Most community colleges around the country offer the test. Please contact your local college for testing locations and hours. For those who are local to BIW, a popular location is SMCC’s Midcoast Campus located in Brunswick, ME. Appointments are suggested by contacting Vicki Porter via email at or calling 207-844-2102.

You will need to take two tests:

  1. Advanced Algebra Functions (AAF) – approx. 45 minutes
  2. Reading & Writing – approx. 45 minutes

The ACCUPLACER is a suite of computerized placement tests that provide information about your knowledge in Reading, Writing, English and Math.

For more information regarding the ACCUPLACER and preparing for the test, go to

If selected for an interview, what can I expect?

What items are suggested for the interview?

Copies of certifications, qualifications, resume, and letters of recommendation, while not required for the interview, are helpful.

How long does the interview last?

A typical employment interview lasts approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

After the interview, when can an applicant expect to learn whether he or she has been offered admission to the BIW Apprentice School?

If the school chooses to extend an offer to an applicant, he or she can expect to receive an offer within 30 to 60 days after the interview.

If selected for an apprentice position, when can I expect to start?

Based on the needs of the company, start dates vary throughout the year and are typically the first week of each month.