Contribution Requests

BIW recognizes a fundamental responsibility to contribute to the overall welfare of the communities where it conducts business and the nation as a whole.

We are a proud supporter of United Way and all of its partner agencies. We do consider other contribution requests. Donations, sponsorships and in-kind donation requests are brought to our Contributions Committee for review.

Company-supported and company-sanctioned activities are limited to organizations or institutions that:

  • Are non-profit, voluntary community or social service organizations (classified as such by the IRS), public charities, and “tax-exempt” under IRS Code Section 501(c)(3).
  • Provide services that are consistent with BIW’s overall contributions priorities.
  • Are financially self-sustaining, so that BIW is not the primary source of funding.
  • Do not restrict services or support to only individuals, members or groups of a particular religious affiliation.
  • Are not of a political or labor-related nature (including, without limitation, organizations and/or institutions that derive funds or other support from a union or are otherwise affiliated with a union or union-related causes or interests) unless specifically recommended by the Contributions Advisory Committee and approved by the president.
  • Serve BIW employees, their families, or the communities where they live.
  • Are seeking support for a specific event and not for general operating funds or capital campaigns unless specifically recommended by the Contributions Advisory Committee and approved by the president.
  • Are not seeking support for school social / non-educational activities (dances, class parties, etc., except for High School Project Graduation events) or youth sports organizations (team sponsorships, etc.).

If you would like to make a request for a donation, sponsorship or in-kind donation for your 501(c)(3) organization, fill out the form below and email the following items to

Fill out the Contribution Request Form by clicking the button below:

Contribution Request Form

After completing the form, your email should include:

  • Your contribution request (in the body of your email or an attachment such as a PDF flyer/brochure)
  • Proof that you are a 501(c)(3) organization (This can be in the form of an EIN number, IRS letter, W-9 form or valid website link.)

What to Expect After Sending Your Request

After filling out the form and emailing your documentation to, your request will go to the General Dynamics Bath Iron Works Contributions Committee to be discussed. The Committee meets once every two months. Once a decision has been made, we will respond in the form of an email or letter.

Thank you for your interest in General Dynamics Bath Iron Works and everything you do to support our communities.