DOD Skillbridge Internship Program

Bath Iron Works has partnered with DOD Skillbridge to bring a robust internship program to all transitioning veterans.

Bath Iron Works has a rich history in partnering with the US Military since 1890 when we began our deep shipbuilding history for the US Navy. Since that time we have not only continued to serve but also employ hundreds of military veterans in various capacities from shipbuilder to executive leadership.

Our rotational program will take a transitioning vet and expose them to multiple areas of the shipyard over a 180 days that will include Safety, Operations, leadership training, Labor Relations and many more. All of these are aimed at providing the veteran with an in-depth program that will allow them to make a highly educated decision about the next step in their post-military career. We are in the midst of a major hiring initiative here and have full-time leadership needs across the shipyard. A majority of our interns will be placed in front line leadership positions within the shipyard in such areas as Electrical, Structural, Pipefitting, Insulating, Paint and Welding. Front line leaders are responsible for executing the daily work that is required in order to stay on schedule. All FLL will be responsible for mustering their crews on a daily basis and ensuring the appropriate work orders are completed in a timely fashion all the while adhering to the “Bath Built is Best Built” motto.

Highlights of our program include:

  • Open to all MOS’s/ranks
  • Permissive TDY accepted
  • Starting salaries from $65k+
  • Great benefits package
  • Program is open year round

Highlights of our location include:

  • 7+ miles of sandy beaches within a short drive
  • World class outdoors
  • Great public schools

Learn More:

Click here to visit the DoD SkillBridge website

For more information or to apply, call 207-442-3444 or email