Coronavirus Information Center

Important Contact Information 

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Nurse Triage Line
Call if you’re experiencing symptoms


Call-In Center
Call if you need to call out of work

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Medical Documentation Email
Submit documentation of doctor’s orders or test results to the BIW Medical Dept.

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 infection – persistent cough, fever, shortness of breath – do not come to work. Anyone who is ill or experiencing ANY symptoms that could be associated with COVID-19 while at work should go home until they contact their provider/urgent care for further recommendations.

On-site COVID-19 Testing Ends

The federal government has announced the end of both the national emergency and public health emergency declarations related to COVID-19. In keeping with this announcement, BIW no longer offers onsite COVID-19 testing.

Home test kits can be purchased at your local Walgreens, Hannafords or other major stores here in Maine. You may also speak to your primary health care provider about getting tested for COVID-19.