Environmental Protection

Bath Iron Works is committed to minimization and avoidance of emissions and waste. We have incorporated pollution prevention measures into our everyday business practices.

We have pledged to operate in a ‘Compliance-Plus’ manner while fully complying with federal, state and local environmental laws and are committed to go beyond those laws when it makes good business sense.

Bath Iron Works has always been a leader in pollution prevention. We started in the 1930s by establishing a metal recycling program, rare at the time. In the early 1990’s, we took great strides to reduce paper usage, and over the past decade have implemented several recycling programs to achieve nearly an 80% recycling rate. Now we constantly apply cutting-edge technology to solve problems. BIW makes every reasonable effort to prevent pollution, and we are currently utilizing product substitution, technology improvements, and best management practices to continually improve processes and reduce our environmental footprint.