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Keeping Each Other Safe

We continue to adopt measures to keep employees safe. Read the latest COVID-19 updates.

Coronavirus Information Center

“Without a doubt, shipbuilding and maintenance are the backbone of our Navy. And each and every one of you has played an important role to help us adapt, change, and re-think how to keep readiness levels high during COVID.”

– Admiral Michael Gilday, Chief of Naval Operations, on November 18, 2020 Memorandum for America’s Shipbuilders, Maintainers and Suppliers

Serving our nation, our employees and our communities.

As part of America’s designated “critical infrastructure” network, Bath Iron Works remains steadfast in our commitments – first and foremost –to health, safety and wellbeing of our dedicated workforce, their families and our communities.

We are proud to continue fulfilling our duty and obligations to America as we combat the coronavirus together, but our ability to do so depends on supporting our employees with a safe workplace and empowering them to make the decisions they believe are best for themselves and their families. We continue to keep everyone up to date to our continued steps to support our workers and keep our communities strong.

“Delivering or redelivering our ships to the fleet is a national need that is unwavering and crucial to our national security.”

– James F. Geurtz, Assistant Secretary of the Navy, in March 19, 2020 Letter to BIW President Dirk Lesko


a special responsibility”


Ongoing Response to COVID-19

At Bath Iron Works we continue to adopt measures to keep our employees safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. We will answer this challenge together and continue to build the highest quality ships for the US Navy. Thank you to all of our shipbuilders for continuing the Bath Built is Best Built legacy.

See our latest list of site-wide safety and health precautions.

Latest Coronavirus Updates

“If you work in a critical infrastructure industry you have a special responsibility to maintain your normal work schedule.”

– Ellen Lord, U.S. Department of Defense Undersecretary for Acquisition and Sustainment

Bath Iron Works is concerned first and foremost with the health and safety of our committed workforce.

We are proud to continue to fulfill our duty as part of America’s “critical infrastructure” network, but our ability to do so depends on supporting our employees with a safe workplace and empowering them to make the decisions they believe are best for themselves and their families.

We are doing everything we can to follow CDC guidelines as we work to continue to deliver on our critical infrastructure role. Every day we assess if additional measures are needed during these unprecedented times.

“We urge American leaders at every level—local, state, and federal—to seize this opportunity to work together to help support our industry, which is essential to our country’s economic and national security.”

– Eric Fanning, Former Secretary of the Army and Current CEO, Aerospace Industries Association

Supporting our Neighbors

While serving our nation, BIW never forgets our responsibilities right here at home. Read about our economic impact on Maine here.

“BIW has been a really big lifeline that’s keeping us going. If [BIW’s purchase of daily meals for employees] hadn’t come through, we would’ve had to close or lay people off.”

– Michael Quigg, Beale Street Barbeque
Times Record, April 1, 2020

Read a thank you letter from local area restaurants here.