One More Topic Related to Our Mindset

[Post by Chuck Krugh, September 19, 2023]

I have spent recent blogs talking about the power of our mindset and our attitudes. Our minds are powerful yet may be vulnerable at times. Work can be stressful, and, coupled with all of the other things going on in life, it can sometimes become overwhelming! It doesn’t matter whether you are a leader or a frontline worker, stress can add up and become a real problem if you don’t have a way to deal with it.

Over the course of my career, I have seen many ways in which stress has affected different people. Stress brings a broad array of impacts depending a person’s own mechanisms to deal with it.

The good news is that our company provides a resource for help if you need it. Life365 is a benefit that you get by working at BIW. It is for all employees, it’s confidential and it won’t cost you anything to have an opportunity to talk with someone.  Just to be sure that you understand, it is confidential – this resource is an outside vendor and the company doesn’t get any information or feedback from this service. What you discuss with their staff stays between you and Life 365!

You can find information related to the program on our BIW website in the Employees section. Look down the list and you will see Life365 Employee Assistance Program in the menu. Just click on it and the page will open or click on this link. There is info on the Life365 program and some links to other sources of assistance based on your situation. Some of the areas you can get help with include: stress management and anxiety, coping with loss or change, substance use, relationships and parenting, financial and legal services, and childcare and eldercare.

If you are feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders and you would like to talk with someone, please take advantage of this benefit. They may be able to help you see a solution that wasn’t visible before. By the way, it’s free!

This is a good time to talk about these services because September is National Suicide Awareness Month. If you are struggling or are concerned about a loved one, there is a new, free help line for people in crisis: 988. Like 911 for emergencies and 211 for assistance finding support in your community, 988 is just three numbers and will connect you immediately with free and confidential help 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

As I said, our minds are very powerful, but sometimes simply talking to someone can make all the difference in the world – click and call.

See you on the deckplates!

Safely Execute High-Quality Work

President, General Dynamics Bath Iron Works

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