Product Data Item Description Forms


Description Link
IEPO: Identification of Expected Parts Obsolescence IEPO
MCMP: Configuration Management Plan MCMP
MDMP: Data Management Plan MDMP
MEMR: Emergency Services MEMR
MEXP: Experience MEXP
MGFR: Government Furnished Resources MGFR
MITR: U.S. International Traffic and Arms Regulation (ITAR) MITR
MMMS: Manufacturing Milestone Schedule MMMS
MMPA: Manpower Availability MMPA
MMPN: Management Proposal Narrative MMPN
MORG: Organization MORG
MPMC: Program Management and Control MPMC
MPMP: Production Management Plan MPMP
MQAP: Quality Assurance Program MQAP
MSBP: Supplier Subcontracting Plan MSBP
MWBS: Work Breakdown Structure MWBS
MWBSX1: Work Breakdown Structure MWBSX1
MWBSX2: Work Breakdown Dictionary MWBSX2
PBOM: Priced Bill of Material PBOM
PBOMX1: Price Bill of Material Exhibit1 PBOMX1
PBOMX2: Price Bill of Material Exhibit2 PBOMX2
PCPD: Proposal Cost Pricing Data PCPD
PFDR: Financial Data Requirements PFDR
POMP: Parts Obsolescence Management Plan POMP
PPPB: Proposal Price Breakdown PPPB
PPPBX1: Proposal Price Breakdown Exhibit1 PPPBX1
PPPF: Progress Payment Funding PPPF
PPPFX1: Progress Payment Funding Exhibit1 PPPFX1
PRAD: Rights and Data PRAD
TDAT: Technical Data TDAT
TDRP: Design Review Plan TDRP
TDTP: Detail Technical Proposal TDTP
TMSD: Material Safety Data TMSD
TOSR: Operational Support TOSR
TPTP: Preliminary Test Plan TPTP
TRLT: High Risk and Long Lead Time Item List TRLT
TRMD: Reliability and Maintainability Data TRMD
TSSP: Safety System TSSP